Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN)
University of Benin

NCEE Administrative Block Complex

University of Benin, Ugbowo Campus


NCEE Journal ( IJREE ) Vol 1

IJREE Volume 1

Table of Content

  1. Pragmatic Approach to Biodiesel Production using Jatropha Curcas oil. C.S. Ezeanyanaso, I.M. Bugaje and O.J. Okunola – page 1
  2. Studies of some of the factors affecting base-catalyzed transesterification of rubber seed oil.  John Edo and T.O.K. Audu – page 9
  3. Novel solid-acid catalysts for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil. James O. Ugbomoiko, David E. Ogbeifun and Felix E. Okieimen – page 17
  4. Inventory of farms involved in livestock production in Edo and Delta States and their potentials as sources of animal waste biomass for energy generation and biogas production.  J.M. Olomu,  S.O. Nwokoro, A.M. Orheruata,  C.E. Okaka, C.P. Kalu, D.I. Igbinomwahia, U. Ochei,  D.N. Izekor and S.O. Okhokere – page 31
  5. Comparative Assessment of Poultry Droppings/Litter and Swine Faeces as Feedstock for Biogas Production. C. Olomu, E. Ifie, E. Kegbe, E. Ezieshi,  L.I.N. Ezemonye and J.M. Olomu – page 40
  6. Comparative assessment of the effect of water soluble fractions of fuel oils on microalgae. M.O. Kadiri and M. Enoma – page 48
  7. Ecotoxicological Consideration of Demulsifier, Corrosion Inhibitor and drilling fluid    using Biological Sentinels. D.F. Ogeleka, L.I.N. Ezemonye, I. Tongo, A.A. Enuneku, T.O. Ikpesu and T.E. Ogbomida – page 56
  8. Biochar from Prosopis africana shell and Palm Kernel Seeds: Physical, Chemical and Adsorption Properties. Sunday E. Elaigwu and Gillian M. Greenway – page 62
  9. Soil application of biochar. Effect on soil nutrient retention capacity. Victoria O. Idode and Felix E. Okieimen – page 67
  10. Instantaneous control of mini/micro hydro plants generated output voltage under varying load conditions. Igbinovia, S.O. and R.E. Ochagwuba – page 77
  11. Socio-economic implications of renewable energy in climate change adaptation. L.I.N. Ezemonye and C.F. Okolocha – page 86
  12. Operation of large hydropower dams in Nigeria: Socio-economic and environmental issues.  B.F. Sule – page 100