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                                                 IJREE  Volume 2, No. 1, 2016


Efficient cost Estimation Of electric Energy Utilization: Using Load Management Method.
 N. Bello and S.O. Igbinovia 


Evaluating the Performance Characteristics of Locally Designed and Implemented Condensers Suitable for Electric Circuits
 F.O. Agbontaen, S.O. Igbinovia and F.O. Osayi


Statistical Analysis of Wind Energy Potential In Benin City Using the 2-Parameter Weibull Distribution
P, Osatohanmwen; F.O.Oyegue; S.M Ogbonmwan


Biogas Production from a Blend of Water Hyacinth - Eichhorniacrassipes (Mauritius) Solmslaubach (Pontederiaceae) And Cattle Rumen Waste (Dung)

 U.M., Ajieh; U.P Onochie., B.F, Kubeyinje., R.O.Orerome., O. Akingba

32 - 41

Impacts Of Renewable Energy Option On Ecosystem and Livelihood
 O.Olokede.; N.T. Musa, B.G Adisa, L. Ikenna - Mark

42- 49 

Energy Technology and Management For Sustainaible Development
 T.B Ibraheem; D.A Adeleke; A. I Ibrahim; S. Haruna

50 - 55

Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons In Soil And Earthworm (Aporrectodea Longa) In The Vicinity Of Two Automobile Workshops In Benin City

 E.Biose; S.O.Dieta; A.A. Enuneku

56 - 64

Sedimentation Studies of Owena Multipurpose Reservoir
J.O.Aribasala; F. Adetanmi; O.M. Ogundipe

65 - 80

Ontological Representation Of Nigeria Wildlife

81 - 92

Distillate Yield Improvement Using a Parabolic Dish Reflector Coupled Single Slope Basin Solar Still With Thermal Energy Storage Using Beeswax
 A.Kuhe; A.O.Edeoja


Socio-economic Determinants Of Household Energy Consumption Pattern In Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
 M.N. Ezemonye; C.N. Emeribe


Comparison Of Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Ethanol Yield Production From Palm Wine
 O.Biose; M. Imhontu;O.Akenzua;C.N.Emeribe; O.Ehigiamusoe


Appraisal of Charcoal Production Drivers In Ibarapa Region, Oyo State,Nigeria.
A. O. Daramola and A.O.Ayeni


Changing Patterns in Seasonal And Annual Distributions of Climatic Indices Over Sudano-Sahelian Ecological Zone (Ssez) Of Nigeria
L.N.Ezenekwe; M.N.Ezemonye;C.N.Emeribe


Analysis Of Trends In The Variability Of Monthly Mean Minimum And Maximum Temperature And Relative Humidity In Benin City
S.M. Ogbonmwan; E.T. Ogbomida.; N.O.Uwadia.;O.R.Efegoma; G.L.Umoru


Evaluation Of In-Cabin Levels Of Fine Particulates And Carbon Monoxide In Shuttle Buses Along
A Major Intra-City Route In Benin City, Nigeria
E.W., Omagamre; J.E.Ukpebor; E.E.Ukpebor; G.E.Okungbowa; E.H.Odionye


Design And Implementation Of Automatic Changeover Switch (With Step Loading) For Renewable Energy Systems
C.A Osaretin; E.I Ibhadode.; S.O Igbinovia


Comparative Analysis Of Exhaust Gases From Generating Sets Powered By Biogas And Gasoline
J. O. Igbinawan; P. A. Oriaifo; E.A. Ogujor; F. A. Aisien      


Economic Analysis On Power Generation From Oil Palm Residues: A Case Study Of NIFOR
U.P. Onochie; Aliu S.A


Changing Pattern of Rainfall Peak in The Sudano-Sahelian Region Of Nigeria


Assessment of BTEX And Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Concentrations in Shrimps From Benin River and Associated Risk From Consumption
A.A.Enuneku, O. Ogbeide., L.I.Ezemonye., E Omeniwa., S.I. Idiahi


Green(Er) Biodiesel From Ternary PKO/DPK/AGO Blends 
Sunday O. Aghariaha and Felix E. Okieimen