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Research at the Centre

Research is the mainstay of the National Centre for Energy and Environment (Energy Commission of Nigeria). Charged with the responsibility of organizing and conducting research and development programmes in Bioenergy and Environment, the Centre is focused in the following areas:

  • Biofuel Research/Development
  • Biomass Production – Agricultural/Animal Wastes
  • Waste-to-Energy Research/Development
  • Solar/ Wind Energy Research
  • Biomass/Gene Pool/Resources
  • Environmental Forensics/Carbon Capture Systems/Remediation/Finger Printing/Documentation
  • Legal Framework – Renewable Energy Research/Development

To successfully accomplish its mandate, the Centre, through its various units, partners and collaborates closely with Faculties of Agriculture, Engineering, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences of the University of Benin. A high degree of symbiotic relationship between the Centre and academia exists as a result of this research partnership.