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Functions of the Centre

  • Identify and harness the potential for biomass energy research, production and technology transfer.
  • Serve as a platform for environmental research initiatives in energy production,environmental ¬† forensics, eco-toxicology and¬†stabilization of carbon emission.
  • Serve as a centre for training of high level manpower in waste to energy(Bio-fuel, bio-gas and gene pool) research and technology.
  • Develop and execute pilot projects, highlighting the potentials of bio-fuel production and waste to energy programmes.
  • Facilitate networking, sharing knowledge, skills, information, and tools on Bio-energy research with stakeholders (policymakers, expert, industries, academics, regulators) through workshops, conferences, seminars, media chat etc.
  • Charged with the responsibility of standardization,quality assurance and monitoring of R&D activities in bio-energy production.
  • Encourage collaborative research with government institutes as well as industries with business and supply chain infrastructure, in order to accelerate next generation research and commercialization.
  • Disseminate the findings of research and development through public awareness programmes such as seminars, conferences, workshops, publications etc.
  • Perform any other function as may be directed by the Federal Government.