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National Centre for Energy and Environment(NCEE)

The Centre is an agency of the Energy Commission of Nigeria that promotes Sustainable, Renewable Energy Sources through Research and Development Initiatives in Bioenergy Production and Environmental Forensics/Management. It was established in March, 2009 by the Federal Government of Nigeria as a Research centre, through the 2009 appropriation bill.

The Centre fosters renewable energy technologies through study, research, human resource development at various levels, and disseminating research findings for sustainable development. It is charged with the responsibility of organizing and conducting research and development programmes in Bioenergy and Environment and has the following areas of focus:

  • Biofuel Research/Development
  • Biomass Production – Agricultural/Animal Wastes
  • Biomass/Gene Pool/Resources
  • Solar Energy Research
  • Wind Energy Research
  • Waste-to-Energy Research/Development
  • Environmental Forensics/Carbon Capture Systems/Finger Printing/Documentation
  • Environmental Pollution and  Remediation
  • Legal Framework – Renewable Energy Research/Development



The National Centre for Energy and Environment is situated at the University of Benin,Benin City in the South-South Geo-political region of Nigeria. Currently, the Centre is domiciled in the NCEE Administrative Block Complex at the Ugbowo campus of the University.